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Secure Server

Each of our sites includes SSL encryption technology and our dedicated hosting platform boasts 99.9% uptime.

Quality Code

Our websites follow the best design principles and focus on efficiency and performance, making them easy to navigate and quick to load.

Scales Beautifully

We build our sites to adapt and scale beautifully to any screen, so they look great on computers, tablets and phones.

Changes are Included

Adjustments are included in our yearly maintenance. If you want to replace old photos, or update information, we'll do it for you at no extra charge.

Custom Domain and Email

You'll get your own domain name on the internet, and a custom email address to make sure you look professional.

Search Engine Friendly

Thanks to the quality of our servers and code, our sites are Search Engine Optimized, so Google will love it.

Let's explain a few things:

What does SSL mean?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, it's the standard technology used to keep a connection to a website secure, safeguarding any sensitive data that is being transferred. This prevents criminals from accessing any information or pretending to be a website.

What does SEO friendly mean?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The coding we use ensures that your website is ready to be found by search engines. If you choose to run an advertising campaign or use a marketing company, your website will already be optimized for them.

What is the fee if I want to add, delete or make other changes to my website?
Minor changes and/or updates (within reason) are included in your yearly fee. Changes which are deemed not to be minor will be charged at a pre-negotiated price upon request for such changes.

How do email accounts work?
We provide one personalized email address per website. Additional email accounts can be added for a low annual rate per account. You also have an option of a free catchall e-mail address as well as a ‘forward to’ email option.

What if I already have hosting or a domain?
You have the choice of either staying with who you currently use or moving to us and enjoying the benefits of our platform. We can use your pre-existing domain if you are the legal owner of that domain and have the relevant details. Our pricing is unaffected.

A lot, for a little.

Our specialized server technology and focus on effective simplicity allows us to supply a reliable, quality service at a very competitive price. All sites are billed at a single upfront fee per year, based on your requirements. Get in touch with us using the form below for a transparent quote.

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